Saturday, June 16, 2007


Enjoying an apple martini as we wait to be seated. It's a gorgeous night out, the restaurant is hopping (maybe folks are celebrating Father's Day early?), every table is filled to capacity and I'm so glad Boo made reservations. In the meantime, we're socializing with folks we don't know and the bartender is entertaining us and tempting us with each creation!


smilnsigh said...

Great entry. I love to have a before dinner drink at a bar. Especially if it's a great old bar or so interesting, like yours was.

It's great fun to chat ourselves. And to pick up a chat with others. I love it!

Trouble is, I lovvvvvvvve a Manhattan and I've gotten to where, they are too much for my 'insides.' Sigh... But wine is still nice. :-) But oh how I loved my extra sweet Manhattans, made with Jack Daniels. Memories... :-)


E. said...

Hi Mari-Nanci, intriguing share. I'll have to try a manhattan the next time and you know I'll report! LOL