Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where has the time gone?

The weekend is almost over and I haven't completed half of what I wanted to. We didn't make it to a graduation in San Diego today, but aren't terribly disappointed because we gave the graduates gift to her mother and FedEx'd a gorgeous lei that we know the graduate loved.

Also, since we both have work bright and early tomorrow, driving three hours each way in traffic is not a great idea. Last night we were in Anahiem and it took us one solid hour to arrive there from Alhambra - that is totally crazy! It 's like a 30 mile commute. So we could imagine the traffic to the beautiful city of San Diego on a gorgeous day like today.

I've been working on ripping my CD collection to an external USB drive and, because I don't do it daily, the project's taking forever. I almost don't want to buy anymore music because I think about how much more stuff I have to rip. LOL

Meanwhile, Boo spoke with a co-worker about the WinME notebook that's been cast out of our home network loop and he feels that the processor can handle an upgrade to XP. While I disagree, Boo's excited about it and the friend's willing to do the upgrade, so we'll see. It would be fantastic to have the notebook on XP, no doubt.

After our initial lighting of the chiminea and subsequent scare the roaring flames gave us, we've decided to cut the pre-treated fire logs in half and see how that turns out. Of course, we haven't tried it yet because well, it's been too warm at night. Oh and we uh, bought a fire extinguisher too!

I received another ebay purchase via Boo of Uno Madness. The Uno franchise has had some great games and I don't understand why they've stopped making them. Two other fun Uno variations are Uno Dominoes and Uno Rummy Up. The latter is on its way and speaking of no shows, I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Canon S50 digital camera.

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