Friday, June 15, 2007

Thirteen things about the Sopranos Final season:

~ Johnny Sack died of cancer while in prison. Why couldn't he be redeemed to his former glory days before dying?

~ AJ never amounted to anything except a spoiled, petulant slacker.

~ Paulie never reunited with his mother on screen.

~ Janice never bonded with Bobby's children.

~ Rosalie April never knew that Tony murdered her son.

~ Meadow's separation from her dentist boyfriend was never explained.

~ Uncle Junior wasted away in an institution.

~ Tony out lived a lot people when he shouldn't have.

~ Heche could've ordered a hit on Tony after being slighted and embarrassed by Tony for wanting is $200,000 plus paid in full.

~ Dr. Malfi never told her therapist where to stick it after he breached her confidentiality.

~ Christopher Maltesante is killed and we never find out why Tony hastened his demise.

~ David Chase royally sucks!


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