Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Tidings Friday

~ Boo got the DVR in the bedroom switched out and our DVD/VCR combo connected. I can now view the BBS: The Documentary DVD I bought last month.

~ I've viewed part of disc one (of three) and the memories and joy it brought back well, they were fantastic!

~ I ordered new ear buds and decided to stick with the old standbys from Apple. Cool thing is Boo had a $10 gift certificate for Amazon, so it ended up costing only $19 cuz no tax or shipping - yea baby, I like that!

~ I have a dying digital camera that's been repaired once before and I think my money is more wisely spent buying a new one. So bummed though because it is my favorite 5 megapixel. I know for the price I can get something with outstanding features, more megapixels and improved optical zoom but...

Any hands on recommendations?


smilnsigh said...

You mention new ear buds. I guess these are the ones, which fit right in the ear... Maybe I should try them again.

Long ago, I had some and wasn't happy. Keep getting the big and soft and supposed to be wonderuful ear "phones" or whatever. Never comfy. Tend to be toooo tight, and no way to 'loosen' them. Grrrrrrr...

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just tooooo sensitive in the ear area. -sigh-


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Kodak's EasyShare...I know that the 10x Zoom camera runs around 200. For a little bit more you can get 12x and image stabilization.