Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hello Kitty Craze

I do not deny being in the throes of a Hello Kitty craze, but I'm the first to admit that a Hello Kitty iPod Charger is a bit too much. I can't see myself tooling about town with my plastic pink charger riding shotgun! Imagine the stares of disbelief from SUV drivers stopped alongside me at a light; why, I'd never be able to hold my head up.

On another note, I use my Muvo C100 2 gig MP3 player everyday at work and it does take a beating, especially being pulled in/out of my bag and dropped a few times. It keeps on ticking without a problem but the earbuds have partially died, only the right side is audible.

Now what has me upset is that the supplied earbuds by Creative are quite good. I don't have to increase the volume beyond three to hear them well. I've tried substitute buds that have me cranking the volume to 11! It dawned on me to try my iPod earbuds and I'm a happy camper again.

Since I have only one pair of earbuds between two players I thought it best to buy a second pair of iPod earbuds. Wow, the Apple brand retail for $29.00 at Amazon. Does anyone know of someplace else selling them for less? I checked Circuit City online and they only sell the Griffen earbuds for $19.99 which is a good price but I don't how good their sound quality is.


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