Monday, April 02, 2007

Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream

I know this is a local experience that many will not relate to, but its general applicability is that this is how a business should not treat its customers!

Boo and I went to the B and R in Monterey Park, CA this afternoon to redeem our coupons for a free single scoop as Birthday Club members.

The man behind the counter charged us 17 cents each for tax. We have never been charged tax on a free ice cream cone before. We explained this and he insisted that this is how it should be done.


Next the gal scooping the ice cream had a cup in which to place my scoop. I told her that I would like a sugar cone and she responded that would cost 15 cents. "Fifteen cents? Why? The coupon clearly states that I can get a one scoop cone."

The man returns and tells me that "the coupon is for children, therefore it's in a cup - not a cone."

"Nowhere on the coupon does it state it is strictly for children. When we signed up it didn't state this either."

"Well, I'm telling you that's what it's for..."

"Well, if it's not written on the coupon or at the point of sign up, it's unenforceable. What is this store number?"

At this point this man totally wigs out about how could we possibly know to ask about the store number. As if it's something so archaic that only an "insider" would know of its existence, let alone to ask for it.

Boo then asked him his name which he refused to give for like two minutes until finally mumbling Jack. A name I'm willing to bet came off the top of his oversized head.

His attitude.

His body language.

His tone.

It wreaked of arrogance and impatience and as many cakes as I buy from this bloody chain, I will not buy another cake until I receive a satisfactory response from Baskin and Robbins HQ.

This is toatlly unacceptable, unprofessional and unnecessary. He was totally off his mark. We have never been charged tax on a free birthday cone nor denied a sugar cone.

I have never been treated so rudely and condescendingly at a Baskin and Robbins store. I am writing B and R tomorrow and if I never step foot in one again, it won't be soon enough!

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