Sunday, April 01, 2007

Where has the week gone?

A few things to share:

~ We celebrated Boo's birthday and had a great time, actually we're still celebrating and if you asked Boo this is a very good thing! LOL

~ We have just secured tickets to see Genesis in October and the seating is not the best but it's at my favorite venue The Hollywood Bowl, so I'd like to see them there than elsewhere with the same sucky seating. Alas, I've asked Andrea to share her secret for securing fantastic seating to no avail. Can you help a gal out????

~ Fry's ads have been so sad lately, I don't know what else can be said about it. It's a very sad state for me, of course. This is afterall my favorite and happiest place on earth and they have not had anything enticing!! Oh, what am I to do? Especially with a birthday coming up and the high probability of gift cards for Fry's.

~ It's pretty sad that in the beginning of April I have only one concert planned. Where have all the interesting and exciting acts gone? We did try for The Police at the Staples Center but all they had at a ridiculous price was seating behind the stage. Uh no, I think not.

~ Has anyone else heard Robin Thicke's new CD? Yep, the son of actor Alan Thicke. I like it a lot. It's pure pop and dance but I like it. Best Buy has it for $9.99 this week so that's a must purchase for me from Circuit City who price matches.

~ Speaking of Best Buy, they have the worst Raincheck Policy of any chain. I got a raincheck for the Targus Chill Pad at the Pasadena location (a pad that is the same length and width of a notebook computer and sits flush beneath the notebook keeping it cool with its built-in fan) and when I found a chill pad at the Industry Best Buy they gave me hell to redeem my raincheck.

It seems the raincheck is only valid at the Best Buy where it was issued. Hello, if I bloody wanted to wait forever and shopped at only one Best Buy location this would be a fabulous solution. But because I do travel around and frequent a variety of Best Buy locations, it would be bloody convenient for me to redeem it wherever I bloody well wish! Best Buy, has this ever freaking occurred to you? #@!$&*% idiots!

~ Sadly Circuit City is closing stores (none in my area - thank God) and this makes me very sad. Where will I go for my instant fix? They're limiting my roaming range since I'll have fewer locations to stop off at. Circuit City associates have always been helpful and they have what they advertise. Hey, Best Buy, why don't you close some stores?

It's tacky that they're laying off personnel that they've targeted as earning too much and offered them an "oppotunity to reapply for positions at a lower hourly rate." We should be outraged by this corporation's tactics. They're deplorable.

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

They aren't the only company that's done that either. It's a sad sorry shame. Of course at least they are offering them a job, some companies just give you the boot.