Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Take Me Back Tuesday
What were they thinking? When they were in the band, they were amazing. Now they left - and they have solo records.

In this case Sammy Hagar doesn't count. He had solo projects before he ever joined Van Halen.

That being said, list at least 5 band members who left their bands to pursue solo projects.
- Ron Wood
- Eric Clapton
- Michael MacDonald
- Michael Jackson
- Joe Walsh

List 3 frontmen who made less than successful solo efforts. You can use names from above but try not to overlap.
- Mick Jagger (he returned real quick, though. LOL)
- David Lee Roth (he left to become a lounge singer in Vegas)
- Donny Osmond

List 3 groups made up of members that have reformed from other groups.
- Southern Pacific
- Velvet Revolver
- The Commodores

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