Tuesday, February 08, 2005

TV Tuesday
This week, we turn our attention to...the Super Bowl.

1. How much of this year's Super Bowl did you watch? Do you watch any of the pre-game hype? For the first time in years I watched the whole thing. Our friend had a party and it was a lot of fun, great comaraderie and lots of competition. LOL My team lost, but not without a darned good fight!

2. What was your favorite commercial during the Super Bowl? Least favorite? My favorite was the trailer for War of the Worlds. This is a must see movie for us. Least favorite....the Budweiser ones weren't up to speed. They've been a lot better in the past. The Go Daddy spot was funny and got pulled from the rotation. It was to re-air during the fourth quarter.

3. Did you like the half-time show? Yea, I guess. I'm not a big McCartney fan, though, I loved the Beatles. The lighting effects were grand.

4. What's your favorite food to eat while watching the Super Bowl? Nachos. Of course, we had way too much food and a five layer dip was one of them. I was in nacho heaven!

~ BONUS ~ A lot has been made over the years about the post-Super Bowl slot to highlight or launch TV shows. It was the post-Super Bowl spot that brought us the A-Team and the Wonder Years. Do you stay up to watch the post-Super Bowl shows? What is the most memorable post-Super Bowl show you've seen? None, we've never watched a post show. We were all tired and I had Shaun of the Dead waiting for my attention. It's a Brit flick parodying Dawn of the Dead. They do a darn good job and it's quite funny.

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