Tuesday, February 22, 2005

MP3 Player

Yahooooo! Okay so, not being one to be stymied by something as simple as a store not having my item, I phoned the Burbank Fry's first thing this morning. God was with me. I was assisted by a nice, patient and helpful guy who checked the shelf for product (the computer claimed they had three) and found only one. He then offered to put it on hold for me, taking my name and number and told me to go to any cash register for will call. Hey, a little tenacity and creativity paid off.

During lunch I drove from L.A. to Burbank in a torrential downpour and was rewarded with the Creative Muvo C100, replete with $20 mail-in rebate! I tried to contain my enthusiasm, but had to call B. at work and share the fantastic news. B. was surprisingly calm and wasn't too pleased with my impromptu decision. I traversed the wilds of urban driving in a downpour just fine and you'd think I'd get a little credit, but no. Instead, I received a spanking and well, that wasn't too bad! LOL I'm off to transfer mp3's and play!

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