Thursday, February 24, 2005

No Rain!

It's finally stopped raining and I couldn't wait to go out during lunch, sporting my MP3 player, and take a train ride through L.A. I hopped a the Gold line only to discover that portions of it were running single track due to land slides and mud on the tracks. I have to say, the time passed very efficiently and quickly as I bobbed to Parliament Funkadelic's Flashlight, George Harrison's Material World, Janis Joplin's Piece of my Heart, Queen's Under Pressure, Erasure's Victim of Love, John Legend's Get Lifted, etc., before I knew it, I was oblivious to where I was!

I also noticed that most riders had headphones, newspapers or were sleeping. I was suddenly enveloped by sadness, because I realized we were opting to remain disconnected. By having our attention diverted, we didn't risk eye contact, interaction or even acknowledgement. It was a bizarre epiphany and I considered removing my buds, until I realized how much I was enjoying the variety of music.

Having a compact, unobtrusive, light weight device that stored a lot of music is what I'd wanted for months. Here I now had it and I was feeling sad. What's that all about? I immediately shifted my thinking and focused on how much I love music, how so many songs have meaning for me and how empty my life would be without it. I felt great being outdoors and dry.

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