Saturday, January 01, 2005

Weekday Capsule

- Astounded and saddened that the toll from the 9.0 earthquake continues increasing. We're now up to 60,000 and I can't fathom the numbers. B. brought it home with the analogy of the toll being about the size of our town's population. From one day to the next, my town wiped out in minutes. Unbelievable.

- Enjoying the encore airing of the Sopranos fifth season and being amazed by the twists and turns. It's airing nightly for two to three hours, which means that they had only 15 episodes this past season. That's pathetic and no wonder why it always seems brief!

- It rained non-stop all night and the commute was slow and thankfully, uneventful. I felt really bad for the pedestrians and bus riders. The curb was flooded with enough water to keep folks from jumping onto the curb. I know these folks had to have soaked feet. Not a good thing on a cold morning!

- Bagels and cream cheese on a rainy day make the cold go away! At least, that's what co-workers felt when I brought in the goods. We had a mini-breakfast party! LOL

- Receiving very sad news: my friend's mom passed on December 24th. The holidays have always been very difficult for L., now I fear they'll be even more depressing. I must remember to really check on her during the holidays next year. For some, they're nothing to celebrate.

- Apple pie in the morning, turbo charges us into action and everyone at work is hap, happ, happy!

- Finding great buys ($4.99 each) on DVDs at Circuit City: Unfaithful and True Lies. Unfortunately, I couldn't find Shallow Hal or Castaway.

- Grocery shopping with mom and thankfully, no more rain. It's nippy, but we can deal with that!

- Sadly, the lone bicycle tethered to a street sign, now has both its tires missing. Stolen in the night. Let's see, it lasted five weeks. Now only the frame remains.

It lasted about five weeks. I expect it will be completely gone by next week sometime.

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