Friday, January 28, 2005

Tangram Magnetic Puzzle.

I have a thing for daily desk calendars. In 2004 I had three of them and I would view/play each one daily. It's nice to have a joke, quote, cartoon, trivia to read or puzzle to solve. This year I decided to add a magnetic puzzle calendar called Tangram. Well, this puzzle's kicking my butt! Seven out of ten times, I have to resort to viewing the solved puzzle because I can't figure it out. I must me creatively challenged or something. LOL

I should have stuck with my old faithful Scrabble calendar. That's a daily brain twister in itself and I haven't tired of playing it. I have an idea, why doesn't someone create a Boggle daily calendar. Now that would be fun. I gave my friend a Word Search calendar and she's loving it. It's always a lot more fun to play a puzzle you can solve. I'm ready to give away the Tangram!

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