Saturday, January 29, 2005

Best Made Plans

Tonight was gals night out and the neighbors and I had planned to dine Outback and then catch a movie. As we'd pass each other throughout the day, we'd inquire of each other if we were "ready". Off we went at 4:30 p.m. and waited a mere twenty minutes for our seats.

Punky's mom was not feeling well, only no one knew this until we were seated and waiting to order. Apparently she'd eaten a slice of cake that had whipped cream and the cake had not been refrigerated. We all thought this not a problem since it was a very crisp winter day.

As the evening went on and the conversation flowed, Punky's mom made more frequent stops to the bathroom. So we abandoned our movie plans, returned home in the blustery night and went our separate ways. B. and I then went to Hollywood Video and rented Garden State, Forgotten and Ladykillers.

We watched Garden State, which I'd heard many good things about, and I really liked it. I know the film's advertised as a comedy, but I think it more a dramady. It has its comedic moments, but it's not in the genre of White Chicks, Dodgeball or Napoleon Dynamite. Since Punky's mom really wanted to see Forgotten, we let her borrow it for tonight. I sure hope she's feeling better and was able to enjoy it.

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