Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I've started a blogroll and, of course, it's alphabetized - I'm anal that way! Besides, it makes it much easier to find a blog or remember where you left off, when you're checking out different ones. I debated about removing the meme links, but I like turning readers on to memes and giving linky love to the memes I play. Lord, knows these folks deserve it for their commitment, hard work and time. Linky love is the least that I can do.

BTW, there's a grand new music meme that plays on Tuesday and Friday and the gals behind it are bona-fide music fiends. So, if you're looking to be challenged and possibly caused to have brain farts, check it out. These chicks know their stuff and they leave me in the dust any day! LOL I also like that the site has general tidbits of information relating to music, so it's a must check on non-meme days.

Okay, here are my very late answers to:

Top Five on Friday
Top Five Albums People Wouldn't Believe You Own (Guilty Pleasures)

- Yanni ugh, yes - I have Yanni...like four of his early CDs. Besides his gorgeous long locks and good lucks, I liked his hypnotic synthesized tunes.

- John Denver's Greatest Hits Yes, I never thought I'd admit this in public, but I do like John Denver and the images of nature and freedom he conjures. I was truly devastated when his plane crashed off the California coastline. Hey, you can't fault me for dreaming.

- Richard Marx remember him? He released three albums (two of which I own), but gained fame for his catchy show and commercial jingles.

- Hiroshima

- Kitaro

There you have it...I'm guilty....flog me now. Can I play next week, or have I been banned?

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