Thursday, December 16, 2004

Weekday Capsule

- Spouse arriving to work stunned after leaving me off. It's awfully early and quiet at that hour of morning! LOL

- YES, I've finished my crown work and my teeth are ready for the holiday meal. Money-wise it's been a large expense, but we only get one set of teeth, right? At least that's what spouse keeps telling me as I fret. Spouse is wonderfully supportive of the huge expense at the wrong time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Okay.....the grand total for this auto repair is $400.00...more money that I don't have. It keeps getting more and more challenging. It's supposed to be repaired by day's end. Tis the season...

- Woo - hoo! I received my Christmas CDs from Andrea ( and am enjoying them. She's wonderfully mixed rock, pop, a capella, slow with a variety of artists and they sound wonderful. I'm listening to these at work so I can maintain my holiday spirit! LOL

- More tamales at work during our Twelve Days of Christmas. If I smell or see another tamale in the next two weeks, I'm running away. As it is, we're having this for Christmas dinner and I need a break or I won't appreciate and enjoy them.

- Enjoyed a noontime concert in the park and continued marveling that the ice in the skating rink hasn't melted. It's been in the high-70s and the sun shines right on the ice. Nothing like listening to hard rock and watching ice skaters fall on their butts! LOL

- The abandon bicycle has been vandalized during its fifth week: the seat was stolen.

- D. brought the most delicious ham and cheese croissants for breakfast. Ugh, I feel the poundage increasing!! LOL So do I stop!

- Celebrating L's birthday belatedly at Yang Chow's and having a great time, even though the service sucked. The maitre de was upset because the reservations for a party of five, turned out to be a party of six. During peak lunch hour in a popular, but small restaurant, changes like this are not appreciated!

- Enjoyed another noontime concert in the park with Preston Smith. His band played many standards, as well as popular rock classics. Preston's bent is to add awesome percussion, where none existed. Alas, his CDs were $15 and you know my take on that...if you really wanna move 'em, price them to sell at $10.

- An evening Christmas presentation where my aijado sang and performed. Awesome performance and that's my godson! You rock, Aijado!

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