Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's Christmas Time!

Lil Man's in blue next to the girl in pink.

And that means it's time for pageants, plays and school performances. My nephew Lil Man, had his tonight and I was so proud of him. He knew the poem and recited it well and when it came to sing, he sang and animated according to the song. Lil Man knew what to do and when and he looked very self assured to me.

As my luck would have it, (you know, my nickname is NL2(squared) for No Luck Lena) we were seated in the second row, as the first row read Reserved. Be the obedient folk that we are, we respected the space and patiently waited forty minutes for the show to begin.

Into the second classroom's performance, the school principal announced, "You may sit in the first row seats marked Restricted." Immediately, the abominable snowlady and her equally sized twin promptly sat, obliterating our view for the remainder of the show! And wouldn't you know, they're in the frontmost seats and still they had to raise their arms to videotape all the performances , further preventing folks in rows three and beyond from seeing.

I was steaming, while trying to enjoy Lil Man's performance. I had to leave my seat and sit on the ground, as I tried to capture precious moments. Instead, I ended up with semi blurred shots and lots of red eye. But, Lil Man was happy, so I was happy and I'm just glad to have enjoyed the moment with him. He won't be a child forever, so these are the moments to treasure.

I felt some sadness as I recollected Christmas shows past with Jr. Man (Lil Man's older brother). Jr. Man's in junior high now, so I guess, it means no more performances. You know, it's social death to perform in school plays and such when you're in junior high. I felt so sad, but I have my memories!

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