Friday, December 17, 2004

Las Posadas

Lil Man's dad made the banners

Tonight was the Las Posadas celebration at Lil Man's school and boy, did they have a fantastic turnout! As a fundraiser, it was a rock solid winner. Lil Man's mom sold tickets, necessary to buy water, food or champurrado (Mexican hot chocolate). Sold at $1 a ticket, one ticket needed for each food item, she said many parents bought $20 and $30 tickets at a time.

The flipside is that, even with plenty of food, the school ran out within its first two hours, with two more hours to go! LOL The childrens performances were wonderful and after the play they had a D.J. I'm so glad it turned out great for the school, with so many school districts low on funding, creative ways of involving parents and relatives to support schools need to be found and encouraged.

Las Posadas came after a full day of shopping with my mom. First we went to Sam's Club, then Wal-Mart and finally lunch at a great deli restaurant in Seal Beach. Again I ask, where are the shoppers? We easily found parking and the lines were moving, with many a register open and no customers. Is this weekend the weekend folks shop in droves, making merchants hearts jump and resembling black friday? We'll see, but so far, the analysts are saying it's a flat Christmas sales season.

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