Saturday, December 18, 2004

Spouse and the Post Office

Yesterday was Lil Man's Las Posadas at his school. So B. assured me an early departure from work, so that we could attend together. Mid-way home I received a cell call and spouse offers to go to the post office to retrieve our mail. I arrive home earlier than B., which is surprising since B. was like ten to fifteen minutes ahead of me, even with the postal stop.

I sit and wait. Feel bad because it's taking so long. Fiddle with things and wait. Feel guilty because there were probably packages to stand in line for. Catch the weather report and wait. Play with Buddah and wait. Should I phone the cell or just wait? Watch the minutes tick and wait. Anticipate B. might be in a funk because it took so long at the post office. Continue waiting.

Finally, B. comes home sans packages, happy and carefree. "What took you so long?", I asked. "Are there packages in the car? Did you have to wait in line?"

"Oh no, I met a very lovely 73 year old woman. She loved to talk and we were talking."

"Talking? You were talking all of this time? We have a school program to go to and you're talking to a 73 year old lady at the post office!?! We have no packages? You didn't stand in line..."

"No. No packages. Too bad I didn't get her name, either. She's a widow and she has very smooth skin..."

"What? You were picking up on a 73 year old lady at the post office?!!!"

"Oh no, no - nothing like that. If anything, she was picking me up! She...."

"Forget it. Let's go!"

Well, no sooner were we seated in the car, spouse driving and me half laughing inside at spouse's predicament and have exasperated because traffic's going to be a bitch on Friday, when B. begins talking about Ms. Widow. I heard all about Ms. Widow on the drive to the school and partway home. Spouse finally concluded, "Perhaps, I'll see her at the post office again."

I don't know what to make of this. Do I laugh or cry that my competition is a seventy three year old woman? LOL One thing I can say, life with spouse is never dull and it's always full of surprises!

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