Tuesday, December 28, 2004

TV Tuesday
Best of 2004

It's the end of the year and it seems as if everyone is coming up with a list of the top television events and shows of 2004. So why not do the same thing for those of us who really know--the TV Tuesday crowd?

1. List your top shows/TV moments of the year. You can do top five, top ten, however you want.
Ugh, recalling a specific moment is very difficult for me, indeed. The only moment that I can recall is....Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He wants to attend a Dodger game and is stuck in West L.A. He wants to traverse the carpool lane, but needs a passenger.

Now you gotta understand, Larry's a presnickedy curmudgeon who gets into trouble just looking at people! He's approached by a "woman of the night" (only it's broad daylight) and he offers to pay her and take her to Dodger Stadium. She agrees and hilarium ensues.

2. List the best new TV show you've seen this year.
Well, if you mean network TV then it has to be Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal.

3. Tell us the worst new TV show you sampled this year. Don't really watch network TV but, even cable has its lemons. For me the worst is Growing Up Gotti and Dog: The Bounty Hunter.

4. Is there a show that got the axe last year that you wish hadn't? None that I know of. All of my cable faves have been renewed. It's too bad they take so darned so long!

5. What show that left the airwaves this last year had the best finale? Oooh, the two best cliff hangers have to be The Sopranos and The Wire. Hey, I'm a cable gal, what can I say?

Tuesday Twosome
A New Year is upon us...

1. Do you make resolutions and why (or why not)? I do, but I don't acknowledge that I do. It's the whole self defeating circle thing.

2. What two things do you want to change about yourself or your lifestyle in 2005? I want to save more money and spend even less next Christmas.

3. What are two important events that occurred in your life in 2004? My mom's exams came out with flying colors and Buddah's health was restored.

4. If you could change two things/events of 2004, what would they be? That the war in Iraq was truly ended and that the 9.0 earthquake in Asia had not occurred. The death toll has risen to 50,000!

Ten on Tuesday
Ten Personal Highlights of 2004

- Reading the Bible in its entirety for the first time.

- Effectively managing back, shoulder, neck and leg pain and enjoying life a lot more. This has taken me two plus years to figure out!

- Spending more quality time with mom and being in the moment to enjoy it.

- Continuing to improve the quality and amount of time B. and I spend together.

- Maintaining focus on goals and not berating myself over non-accomplishment. Sometimes doing your best is good enough.

- Getting Buddah's thyroid condiiton under control and reducing his meds. Poor baby was taking so many meds, he'd run from us. He's such a sweetheart. He'd never bite or scratch, just run and hide.

- I'm deathly afraid of dentists yet, I phoned in when I felt pain, instead of waiting until it became infected or swelled.

- Learning to be an effective listener.

- Learning not to jump up and offer assistance. That's my number one downfall; someone needs something done (that they're perfectly capable of, but unwilling to do) and I right away I say "I'll take care of it!" or "Don't worry about it, I'll do it." Needless to say, they never reciprocate.

- Maintaining my blogs and enjoying it.

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