Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas, Etc.

We had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome holiday mini-vacation. We saw Ocean's 12 and Meet the Fockers on Christmas Eve. MTF was as funny to us, as the first film Meet The Parents. I know the critics bombed the film, but we loved it and laughed so much, we couldn't think of a better or more happier way to spend Christmas Eve.

We also saw O12 and found it rather confusing. Quite frankly, it's a DVD rental for us when it's released. Unlike Oceans Eleven where there's basically one scam going on and we're all on the same page, O12 has two but the audience isn't hip to it until the middle of the film.

Of course, it helps that this is the first Christmas in three years that we are not house or pet sitting. Doing so takes a lot of time out of our day and our neighbors always go away during the most stressful and busiest time of year: Christmas. This year, however, the adult son of our neighbor refused to go to Texas, so he gets to stay home and house and pet sit. I am so relieved and happy!

Christmas Day was spent at my mom's with family and we missed my mom's homemade tamales. We bought some but...they were just okay. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again. So, I focused on the company and the spirit of the season. We also watched Elf, which I thought quite delightful and cute.

Sunday we had planned to do some after Christmas sales, but I just wasn't motivated to struggle with parking, lines and hassling for the items I wanted. So instead, we hung around the house and watched Love Actually and an encore performance of the Sopranos fifth season.

Today we did our after Christmas shopping and found everything we wanted, sans the lines, parking hassles and struggling. We had time to browse, chit chat about possibilities and buy birthday and Christmas 2005 gifts. Yup, I've already started my Christmas shopping for 2005! LOL

B. and I took our time looking around and shopping and we enjoyed being some of the few folks at the outdoor shopping center. It could be that most folks were at work or, the ominous clouds floating overhead may have scared some folks into remaining indoors. Either way, we did about $150.00 worth of damage and that was enough for us! LOL

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