Tuesday, December 28, 2004

UPS Order

I received one of my orders from QVC today, it was four days late due to the severe weather in Kentucky. It's a perishable item that was "guaranteed delivery for Christmas". It didn't make it, thanks to Mother Nature, but QVC is making good on the order and replacing it. Now, if I can just get my electric toothbrush and blouse I ordered, I'll be happy.

Both Amazon and eBay are the top online retailers this holiday and analysts attribute this to accepting orders later in the season and no delivery glitches. I didn't do any online ordering this year - not one item! You know, I didn't need to because I found everything I was looking for on sale at local brick and mortar stores. They were very competitive and I didn't feel compelled to search online. How did you fair?

I remember when the first thing I would do is price compare online against the Sunday ads. I can't remember when I last id this with regularity. It seems the brick and mortar stores understand the ease with which we can compare and our eager to make the sale as painless and hassle free as possible. I think it's great, it's a win-win situation for the consumer.

I bought a bunch - like $60 worth of daily calendars - yesterday at 50% discount. Yep, had I not waited until after Christmas, it would have cost at least $120 and there's no way I could justify spending that on calendars. I know some are thinking me nuts, as it is, but I enjoy receiving and giving them as gifts. Especially the ones that give you a chance to recreate while at the office (i.e. Scrabble, Word Find, Brain Teasers). I think they're the gift that keeps on giving!

Guess I better sign off...it's raining buckets as I type and the thunder and lightning has started. I don't want to chance frying the computer of getting a surge through the modem. It seems we're in for a very wet week. On the drive in this morning, many streets were flooded and I felt very bad for pedestrians and bus riders. Reaching the curb was almost impossible because of all the water.

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