Thursday, December 09, 2004

Jury Duty

Everyone I know at work has served jury duty, except me. I've never been summoned to serve. Have no knowledge if I've ever been considered. I've been voting since I was eighteen, so it's not because I'm not registered. How does a gal get placed on the summons list? Folks I've talked to are always astonished that I've squeaked by unscathed as it were. The joke is, I genuinely would like to serve. Hell, I'd be happy receiving a summons. LOL

I'd love to experience the selection process, where I understand both sides ask a series of questions to determine eligibility. If I ever served as juror that would make my entire year! It would be educational, a new experience and dare I say, fun and exciting? Thankfully, I'm not jaded yet and searching for reasons not to serve. Boop's received her second notice to appear and she's grumbling and complaining.

I tell her, "Just go and see what type of case it is. Who knows, you may find the experience enjoyable and educational." She went on Monday, phoned me during her lunch, complained some more and told me she doesn't want to serve. She'd rather work, than be "stuck here." Sure enough, she's back at work and praying her name doesn't come up for another three years. So how does someone like me get her name on the lucky list?

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