Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday
10 Things That Were Better “Way Back When

~ Music Stores You could actually listen to excerpts from an entire album before buying it and there's nothing like doing it in the store with friends.
~ Watching movies in a theater when you paid one price and saw two films.
~ Riding a bicycle without having to wear a helmet.
~ Vinyl records that literally had grooves embedded from too much play. After one side finished, I had to get up and flip over the record or change it out.
~ Affordable concerts at small venues where bands would play for three or four consecutive nights and I could afford to buy souvenirs.
~ Childrens birthday parties where the party was about the kid and not the parents trying to outdo the others with fancier, more elaborate and expensive parties.
~ Amusement parks were a lot less expensive and a family of four could pay the admission, eat two meals and buy souvenirs for less than the $150 it costs just to enter the parks today.
~ Low gas prices which encouraged long drives just for the hell of it!
~ Stadium concerts with three top bands on the same bill at a reasonable price.
~ Independent bookstores where I knew the owner and they knew my taste and would recommend what to read. The musty odor of the volumes of books that lined the walls and you could meet a fellow book lover and just talk. Nowadays everyone has ear buds jammed in their ears!

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