Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm still Fighting...

...whatever it is everyone at work has and all my friends have. I've been drinking the fluids, sipping the Airborne and drinking shots of brandy at night. Last night I was so chilled I couldn't heat my internal body temperature, not even after three cups of piping hot tea.

I don't like being sick and did get my flu shot. After Saturday where I was surrounded by sickies, I knew they'd ganged up on me and sure enough Sunday wasn't fun. Just as I thought I'd succumbed, I awoke this morning feeling slightly better and renewed for another fight! LOL

It's an overcast and rainy day in Los Angeles, which is just fine with me since it sorta reflects how my friends feel. I am ready to head to Santa Monica and I won't be denied my visit to the store All About Music.

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