Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things I've witnessed this week

~ At a potluck a lady walks in with a shabby grocery store-type pie and leaves with a shopping bag filled with left overs.
~ One gal leaves for lunch looking pretty average and returns with her nose bright red and teary eyes from a nose piercing.
~ A motorist signals a right turn and turns left from the center lane - not the designated left turn lane.
~ A gal dressed in navy blue is wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe of the exact same style and heel.
~ Buddah rubbing his scent on the bushes almost did a somersault because he lurched forward too hard.
~ A guy is viewing a joke email that reads F*CK YOU! as his boss walks past.
~ A man walking his stout, low to the ground bulldog each morning. You know the saying about dogs looking like their owners?
~ A motorist has changed his flat tired at the shoulder of the freeway and left behind his jack and crowbar in the lane of traffic. Traffic comes to a crawl on the Hollyweird frwy.
~ A woman dressed in scrubs (presumably from County General hospital three city blocks away) frantically waving her arms imploring motorists to slow down as she chases a German Shepard in a six lane highway during rush hour.
~ A guy fills the coffee pot with water only to find the carafe is cracked as the water gushes out.
~ Window washers washing windows on a high rise on a windy day.
~ A ghastly sight as Baby Jane shows the gals at work the free pair of leopard panties she got with her purchase.


damozel said...

What a great 13! I loved it. Although I must admit I've done the brown shoe/black shoe thing myself! I'm bad for buying shoes in every color if I like the style, and when I'm not quite wide awake and it's still dark out....

SO embarrassing...

The leopard panties....oh dear oh dear.

Holly said...

This was interesting. Very observant too. Here's a reason NOT to buy shoes in the same style just in different colors.


jayedee said...

great tt! very original and i may steal the idea at some future time! LOL

happy tt!

Nicholas said...

I see #3, and similar, all the time. And there is never a cop around!