Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've been very bad...

....because I've allowed this blog to languish and there really is no excuse. It's been pure laziness.

I visited a new Best Buy location in Sherman Oaks, CA this afternoon and I have to say, I had a very pleasant experience. Unusual, since it's a Best Buy. I actually had a sales associate approach and ask if I needed help and when I did need a price check the person actually answered my question. If this keeps up, I may shop there more often.

We ended up buying a DVD set of horror films directed by Japanese film makers. I have a fascination with foreign films, especially Japanese or Chinese films. If BB had the Chinese film The Red Lantern I would've bought that too.

We eyed the flat screen TVs as I'd like one for our bedroom. The current behemoth sucking up all the space on the stand is a 19" CRT with built-in DVD player that died within the first year. The sucker weighs a ton and I'd like the space for other stuff like candles and photos.

The prices have come down but I'm waiting for the sales to kick in. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are unemployed this holiday season and facing foreclosure, so I think retailers are going to have a hard sell, which means great sales!

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