Friday, July 06, 2007

Boo's friend upgraded this notebook to WXP and I wish Microsoft would make their messages less cryptic. I can't get it to the Windows desktop so it goes back to the buddy on Monday. Thankfully, we have other means of getting online so it's no big deal.

The doldrums of summer have been great even with the slight humidity we've been experiencing. The news is still reporting stories about kids blowing their fingers off with illegal fireworks and it's a preventable tragedy that makes it all the sadder. This year was quieter than last and we haven't heard anymore fireworks which is good.

The A/C's running at full speed and we're comfortably cool, even Buddah's taken to it and doesn't mind the noise. When he gets too cold he simply lies curled up in his blanket wheezing! I am off to enjoy canteloupe with vanilla ice cream and watch last night's episode of Burn Notice.

Ooooh, tonight's the night....The Doctor is making house calls again on the SciFi network and I am so ready. Woo hoo, summer has become more of the TV viewing season for me with shows like Psych, Monk, Eureka, Doctor Who, The 4400 The Closer, Burn Notice and The Dead Zone.

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