Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wi-Fi Reconfiguration

Out of the blue I decided to switch wi-fi routers (oh man, I just remembered that I haven't canceled my DSL service) which meant having to bring the network down, install and configure the new router and bring all the systems up to speed with the improved encryption.

Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that what can wrong, always goes wrong with me!

Thankfully, the desktop computer that connects to the router was working flawlessly. I ended up needing this fortune because the oldest notebook would not see, let alone connect to the wi-fi network regardless what I tried.

In the middle of my mess Boo came home and gave me a look like "Oh God, raging hormones. Let me get outta here!" Of course, everything in the den was wreck and I had notebook computers teetering on boxes to get them as close to the wi-fi router as I could.

The newer notebook also wouldn't connect and I was practically pulling my hair out. I couldn't understand why the XP notebook could see the network but not connect.

So there I was Googling on the desktop computer to troubleshoot, I have no idea what I would've done without it! Sometime later I learned that the oldest notebook was incapable of connecting since its WME OS didn't support the encryption I'd implemented.

As for the newer notebook, its Zero Config setting was corrupted. I had to trash it and set it up again. Finding where the Zero Config service is located was a challenge too.

The only computer that worked from the get go was the new Vista notebook. I'd heard so many nightmare stories about Vista that I totally expected it to be the problem.

I tell you Google's a lifesaver when it comes to trouble shooting and finding things fast with accurate relevancy. It is my search engine of choice and anytime someone asks me something that I don't know I tell them "Google it!" I've been using it so long that I can't remember when they came on the scene and trumped the competition.

Oh, did you know Google offers free 411 Directory Assistance? Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 and if you want to learn shortcuts when using it check out their Tips Page.

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