Friday, June 08, 2007

I couldn't help but cheer when news of Paris Hilton's re-incarceration was received. All morning everyone's been talking about her premature release and the deal our so-called sheriff Baca proffered with her personal psychiatrist and high priced attorney.

There has been outrage by many Angelenos who personally know or know family friends who have been sentenced for "minor" offenses and yet, had to serve the full sentence regardless, of health ailments or extenuating circumstances. It is an outrage and insult to the community that sheriff Baca awarded her preferential treatment.

All socio-economic scales and ethnicities have been disgusted by Baca's actions, as well as the arrogance demonstrated by the Hilton family. If you are upset by this situation, then vote with your pocketbook. Do not patronize Hilton-owned properties. Clearly they understand only one thing: money. Hit them where it counts by not patronizing their hotels.

As for Baca, Angelenos can send him a loud message by writing the city attorney's office and demanding that Baca be held accountable for his action. Hold him in contempt and fine him. If possible, place him on administrative leave without pay. Why should taxpayers literally pay for his mistake? Finally, remember him when re-election time comes round.

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm amused by the whole situation...However...Hilton Garden Hotels are some of the nicest when I travel..they still end up with my money.