Monday, June 11, 2007

Random Ten

While the weekend was fun and great, the thing that most stands out right now is the horrible finale of The Sopranos. Show creator David Chase committed a grave injustice against the show's faithful fans and we deserved a lot better. The idiot should be forced to redo it. It isn't like The Sopranos are the Seinfeld's and can get away with a finale about absolutely nothing. It totally sucked and was such a huge disappointment I just as well should have skipped the final six episodes. At least the show would have ended with me having positive feelings about it instead of complete disappointment and anger. How the cast could perform in the insipid finale is beyond me. It was such an insult to the fans. As for speculation that an alternate version will make its way to the box DVD set, it doesn't matter because I've stopped caring and will not support David Chase by paying money for something I'm already paying's called cable.

~ The Isley Bros. Who's that Lady?
~ Nelly Furtado Do It
~ Madonna Ray of Light
~ Seals & Croft Diamond Girl
~ The Stylistics You Are Everything
~ Roxy Love is a Drug
~ Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride
~ The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
~ Rod Stewart Do You think I'm Sexy?
~ ELO Roll Over Beethoven

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