Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Take Me Back Tuesday

It's a week for sharing....

What is your favorite way to share music with your friends? Mix CD to improve the chances of them liking something.

What song or album do you feel the need to share with anyone who will listen? Zero 7's song In the Waiting Line and Joe Satriani's CD Strange Beautiful Music.

Do you ever lend your CDs/tapes/etc. to friends or family? I used to but things began disappearing, so I lend only to my neighbor who's very good at returning things.

Did you ever discover a musical love because someone shared something with you? (mp3? Mix CD or tape) Not that I can remember. I've been turned onto good artists but they're far short of being musical loves. Some newly discovered artists on mix CD are Nelly Furtado, Josh Gorbin and Robin Thicke.

1 comment:

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I don't lend my stuff out for fear of things disappearing.

Thanks for playing and commenting this week :P