Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Take Me Back Tuesday

It's the shopping edition....

What is your favorite record/CD shop? Is it still in existence? My favorite shop was an indie called Poo Bah Records. They were a great little store set up in a converted house with old time posters gracing the walls. They're still around but have lost their flavor since relocating some years back.

As for CDs and a large variety it was Tower Records in West Covina. I could spend hours perusing, listening and buying. This chain bit the dust in 2006 and sadly there isn't anything near me to match them.

Do you still buy most of your CDs in stores or do you purchase music online? I still buy CDs in the store though, I don't know how much longer this will last. I see stores like Circuit City scaling back the CD section to almost nothing.

Costco used to be a good source for CDs but they've done away with them for...geez, the past five years at least. Now I can only find compilation CDs and where they might have offered 15 choices it's now four.

What music store do you consider the world's best kept secret. (Meaning you can find anything there)? I don't know about the "world" but Amoeba is the closest thing we have locally. The prices are not competitive so I really have to want instant gratification to buy from them. Otherwise, Amazon gets my business.

One neat thing that I like checking out is the Amoeba Blog posted by employees. It's quirky, informative and well, fun and since each post is related to music it can't be beat.

What was one "hidden treasure" you found while shopping for music? Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti. Do you know how many stores do not carry this???? Online you can find it and wait for delivery, but I wanted instant gratification this go round! LOL

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