Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about moblogging:

~ It's necessary when I'm too tired from work to logon from home.

~ It's a limited format that doesn't allow for multiple paragraphs and certain punctuation.

~ I can't tag my posts.

~ I can't logon to the meme host site and add my name to the participant list.

~ I have a character limitation and have to keep posts very short.

~ I can only have one image per post.

~ Text must be in standard black.

~ I can't share linked items from my RSS reader.

~ I can't reply to comments left on my blog.

~ I can't use bold, italic or underline in my post for emphasis.

~ I can share in Real Time if I desire.

~ I can post from anywhere at anytime without having to sit at a computer!

~ I can't hyperlink to anything.

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