Friday, April 20, 2007

The Computer Divide

I've been giving a lot of thought to the computer divide and how among my group of friends, co-workers and relatives I know of five people who, because of financial constraints, can't afford to buy a computer and maintain an internet connection.

One of the people I know doesn't have a landline or pay for cable, so how would he get an internet connection? Sponging of someone else's unsecured wi-fi connection wouldn't be very nice or safe for him.

Two other friends live alone, again do not have cable because even the basic service is too darned expensive and know absolutely nothing about computers. They do have a landline and know that they could do their banking and pay their bills online.

Another works two jobs, has no cable or landline because of costs and can't afford to buy even a used computer.

The fifth thinks herself too old to learn new things and yet, knows that everything as far as ease of use/communication is going the way of the internet. She has a landline but is on a low income calling plan.

I've been thinking about these folks because I may have a notebook to give away and I'm trying to determine who's in the best position to make use of it and not simply allow it to collect dust.

Who would you pick?

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SAP said...

This is why I'm a big believer in categorizing high-speed internet as a utility, just like electricity ot water.

As for who gets the notebook, well, you could always throw the names into a hat and draw one.