Saturday, October 14, 2006

Netflix has not been a match made in heaven

I know they have distribution centers in most metropolitan cities and have an arrangement with all the U.S. Post Offices to place their red envelopes in special bins for expedited pick up by Netflix.

So why am I waiting four days for my next movie to arrive? This has been the most annoying aspect of this union.

I return my movies and Netflix received it in two days tops. Once they received it the next day, I know how long it took because Netflix sends an email detailing the process. All is great on my end but as for receiving the next flick.....ah, that's when I wait, and wait, and wait.

Some my think I had requested the new releases, nope. I was waiting for foreign films or out of date flicks. This delay isn't good and is precisely why I canceled them. I could have gone to Hollywood Video twice during the four days I'm left waiting and I am in a major city.

For me, Netflix was a dud!


SAP said...

Four days?!?!? Jeez, I've lived in some pretty remote places, and it never took four days.

My biggest problem with both Netflix and La La is disappearing discs. I've received envelopes from both that were ripped open or just plain never showed up, here in SoCal more than everwhere else I've lived combined.

What can I say? The USPS here might have sticky fingers.

E. said...

LOL It's quite possible. I remember a postal worker who would sit on the open door of the collection boxes and rifle through catalogs, newsletters, etc. She'd just sit there in the open and peruse whatever she fancied.

SAP said...


I think you've been "throttled".

I've also noticed my own subscription has slowed down since I reduced my movies-per-month from 5 to 1 (moving, so I need my pennies).