Saturday, September 16, 2006

Super Wal*Mart

We attended the Super Wal*Mart grand opening in Rosemead, CA and boy, it is a huge store. If you have one in your area I'm sure you can relate.

This one has a freshly baked bakery section, deli counter, fresh produce that looks green and leafy, meat that looks healthy and red and a full sized grocery section. The electronics section has a well stocked DVD section and a fantastic selection of large TVs, etc.

I guesstimate it's 120,000 square feet! When I say it's huge I'm not kidding. The parking lot was full and the store crowded, but even so, I didn't feel cramped and the aisles were wide enough to accommodate two baskets in opposite directions.

Pretty much we were in and out of the store, regardless the long lines. The checkers were pretty quick and the lines moved fast. It's odd driving along the main drag to the store and viewing "Recall September 19th" signs in every other lawn.

We met this man at the McDonalds inside Wal*Mart who merrily agreed to pose for a photo. He explained how many Rosemead residents are so bitter and angry about the new Wal*Mart that they're strongly advocating the recall effort.

Many believe their council members sold them out to corporate interests and campaign funding. Regardless, we agreed that this Super Wal*Mart is a welcome addition to the community at large, as well. The new one's only four miles from my home where the others are ten miles or more.

One thing about all Wal*Marts, they sure know how to sucker shoppers into McDonalds. We were hungry by the time we finished, so we bought the Chicken Snack Wraps ($1.29 ea) and I have to say they were small but tasty. We each ate one, split an order of fries and shared a small coke. Perfect for taming the agitated beastie in our belly and renewing our energy to find our car.

One thing I don't understand about McDonalds: Why is the cheese in their cheeseburgers never melted? And why do they make a wrap without heating the tortilla? Boo returned to the counter to request the wrap be heated and was told "We normally do not heat tortilla."

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

Walmart is the root of all evil. They all give me a headache and we have a Supercenter in Rostraver. Yes, it's cheaper in some ways but it's also more aggravating than any other place in the universe.