Saturday, January 21, 2006


Remember taking a lunchbox to school? Each school year I'd get a new one, it was an essential part of getting new school supplies. The thermos was metal for the longest time, until they did away with the glass inside. Then they switched to plastic for everything inside and outside and a thermos was never the same.

My usual lunch was a baloney sandwich, chips and chocolate milk or Kool - Aid. Sometimes I'd get a Hostess Cup Cake or Twinkie, but many times not. I didn't trade my lunches, cuz I usually liked what I had. Hmmm, I can remember fighting kids off and now that I think about it, what's so exciting about a baloney sandwich?

My mom tried getting me to eat Deviled Ham sandwiches, but there was no way I could do. The stuff looked like dog food spread on bread - yuck! I remember my friend opening her lunchbox and finding a sardine sandwich, who sends their child to school with a sardine sandwich? Oh, the humiliation!

As I got older and it became less cool to tote a lunchbox, I graduated to buying lunch at the school cafeteria. My favorite meal was the spaghetti and for dessert the hard chocolate brownie they'd serve. It was so hard, it was like a hockey puck, but boy, did I love those brownies.

I don't know if they even sell lunchboxes anymore. It's rare to see kids carrying anything in the open, everything's concealed in huge backpacks on wheels. There are the bravest of children who carry them as a backpack with their torsos hunched forward from the weight. I could carry my one or two books, homework in spiral bound notebook and lunch box with ease. Yea, those were the days!

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