Saturday, January 28, 2006

Have I shared my ghost story?

Boo and I are convinced that we have a ghost in our home. It's a benevelont ghost who likes attention. I say this because our ghost is prone to changing the cable channel when it wants and, if that doesn't grab us, we're sort of jaded now, it takes to knocking things off counter tops.

The first time it happened I was alone and didn't feel scared. I figured something in the air caused the channel to change. The next time it happened, Boo was sitting alone and Buddah and I were nearby. Suddenly Boo exclaimed, "Hey, what happened!?" and again we wrote it off to frequencies in the air.

It then happened when we were together, side by side, with Buddah in plain sight. Again the channel changed, as if someone had pressed the individual buttons, because there is no static between switching. This time we took notice, sitting erect and staring at each other. Neither of us felt afraid or as if something something was bad.

We laughed a little nervously as we changed back to the channel of our desire. Buddah has never given any indication of sensing another presence. Animals are very perceptive and in tune with their environment, so we felt relieved when Buddah was comfortably snuggled and slept right through.

The random channel changing has continued over the months. It then changed to items (never breakable) miraculously leaping off the entertainment center or countertop. The items falling are not near fans, Buddah is in plain sight nowhere near the item, the floor is still, so it's not like a reaction to vibration. Again, we've just accepted it. We've lived in this house thirteen years.

What has changed is my feeling about it. About a month ago, we had just turned in for the night. I admit that I was exhausted. Buddah was already sound asleep in bed and Boo had just joined us. We kissed goodnight and I remember lying on my back facing the ceiling. Boo was facing a side wall.

I heard water running. Not a drip. But the water in the bathroom sink like someone was washing their hands. I thought to turn to Boo, but when I tried, I couldn't move. Everything was in slow motion. Turning my head took all of my strength and I remember forcing myself to focus on the clock: seven minutes had passed since we said goodnight.

Boo was already snoring and I couldn't move. That's when it happened. I was gripped by fear. I felt like something bad or someone mean was in my presence and I prayed. That's all I could do. I tried but couldn't get out of bed. I wanted to see what or who was in my bathroom running the water.

Exhausted, I fell back to sleep mid-prayer and when I awoke the next morning, I prayed again. Boo was already awake and I asked how everything was - I guess I half expected mention of the bathroom sink being wet or something. Nothing. Boo had slept well, no problem. All was right.

So now what I've noticed is that the living room doorway leading to the hallway, which connects to the master bedroom and barthroom, seems to have activity. I know, I know it sounds bizarre, but that's how it is. I sense movement and at times, swear that I see something in my peripheral vision. The minute I turn, it ceases. I don't feel the fear that I experienced that night, though - which is totally a good thing.

Tuesday night Boo was surfing the Net in the dining room, it's adjacent to the living room where I was watching TV. At least five times I swear I saw - I don't know....a film-like's translucent like a jelly fish, but I can see it out the corner of my eye. It scurries like a raccoon or something crouched. I can't explain it and I know it sounds weird.

I felt so foolish, so I said nothing to Boo. I have mentioned to Boo that I sometimes feel something, but how do I qualify something?

Hence, I feel ridiculously foolish. I'm not afraid to come home, again I still feel safe. However, I do find items missing. Items that I can't understand where they could have possibly gone off to.


The Mistress of the Dark said...
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The Mistress of the Dark said...

Deleted my comment cos I can't spell...I was saying..

To add some humor to probably ticked off your ghost by playing Mariah Carey way too much. Now he's getting revenge.

I can only joke about this because I've had weird experiences like this myself. (oddly they involve music too)

Elena said...

Grrl, you are so wrong for making fun of my Mariah CD! LOL It's time will come! LOL