Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ten on Tuesday
Ten Songs that Bring Back Memories (and why)

Kashmir Led Zepplin Blasting it loud and strong while getting ready for school. My mom scolding me to lower it and being oblivious to her anger. I didn't care, I wanted to hear my music and nothing and no one was making me change or lower it.

Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly & the Family Stone Being a passenger in my sister Alice's car and feeling the breeze from the open window, gently tossle my hair. I felt so happy and life was timeless. Nothing matter and I thought it would be like that forever.

Shining Star The Manhattans When B. and I met and fell in love, this was one of our songs. We would pump up the volume on the radio and sing aloud. We didn't care who heard us! LOL

Biggest Part of Me Ambrosia This is another song of ours. I once made an audiocassette of our songs, many of which are on vinyl, and dedicated it to B. I really miss hearing them, but I have yet to transfer vinyl to CD. Suggestions on how to do it?

Born to be Alive Patrick Hernandez I had a fake I.D. at sixteen and was clubbing and dancing my feet off to this song. We were a group of ten or so and boy, did we have a total blast!

You make me Feel (Mighty Real) Sylvester My all time feel good party song. Where's my whistle? My friend Rene, who was 6' plus and husky, would sing this song aloud and he had the moves down pat. Almost felt like I was in a club.

In My Life The Beatles B. and I were going through rough times and I just remember having an epiphany while listening to it. No matter what. No matter where I'd been. Or what I'd done. Or great experiences I'd been through. In MY life, I love you (B.) more.

Jeepster T. Rex The first band I ever saw in concert. It was at the Santa Monica Auditorium and when they played this song, I'd never heard such screaming and loudness. It was amazing and such a rush. Man, I returned home on a cloud and my concert going days were etched in stone.

It Don't have to Change John Legend Memories of my family being whole and complete. My sister Alice and dad were still alive and well. We were together. We were happy. Life was slower. More peaceful.

Spring Affair Donna Summer Another disco tune from my fake I.D. days and let me tell you, that dance floor was hopping and steaming with bodies pressed tightly together. You folks thought it was perspiration!

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