Monday, February 21, 2005

Rain Related Delay

Rain, rain and more rain. My garage is now so soaked, it's depressing. I know we have major clean up in the spring and many damaged and ruined articles. What's done is done, right? B's been upset and worried about it for three days, but there's really nothing to be done until this rain stops. We've sandbagged as best we can and it's not helping. B. thinks the leak is coming from above, rather than below where we sandbagged. This would certainly explain how the water entered! Does anyone know of a sealant we can apply?

It was a good day today, despite the on/off downpour. Let's see, we were a skeletal crew due to the holiday and I got a lot of work done. At least, I feel very satisfied with my productivity! LOL It was quiet and I listened to Joe Satriani Is there Love in Space, Kanye West College Dropout, Carly Simon's Greatest Hits and John Legend Get Gifted, a good mix of music and genres that entertained me quite well.

After work, I drove to Fry's to ..... [drumroll, please] .... buy my MP3 Player. Yea, remember B. didn't think I'd do it. The bet was that I wouldn't have one by my birthday in April. Well, after perusing Fry's Friday ad for the fifth and sixth time, I spotted the Creative Muvo 256 meg MP3 player with SD expandability for $79.99 less a $20 mail-in rebate. I checked for buyers feedback and it was positive. I figure I can't go wrong at this price and I've sure waited patiently.

Well, the surprise was on me; Fry's had sold out of the Muvo since Saturday, so I received a raincheck, which will allow me to purchase it at $79.95 but sans the $20 mail-in rebate. The offer wil have ended by then. B. always tells me that if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all! So, I'm without a MP3 player, still. LOL

A two mile portion of freeway flooded, causing the closure of the two left lanes. Even though it was a holiday today, the closure caused quite a back up!

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