Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bunco Night

Last night was our neighbor's Bunco Night and they needed two subs, so we gladly obliged. The rain was really coming down before our neighbor picked us up and we were already questioning our decision to attend. We were all snuggled and dry at home and thought ourselves crazy for going out in such horrible weather.

Of course, once there, we had a great time. Our host was very nice and had a festive set up with delicious food, candy treats, cake and great company. Game play started an hour or so later and the laughter and cheering could be heard by the neighbors!

This group does a gift a exchange at the end of the evening, so no one leaves empty handed. We all left with a gift in hand and feeling like a winner. The gift exchange price cap is supposed to be $5, but there's no way anyone adhered to it! A lot of thought and giving goes into to the gifts and I know I had fun picking my gift items for the exchange.

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