Thursday, February 10, 2005

3x Thursday:: Valentine's Day

1. Do you like Valentine's Day at all? Why/Why not? Yes I do. I like it a lot and look forward to it. Although, I think there should be a Valentine's Day each week. It shouldn't be an annual occurence.

2. Are you single this V-Day, or do you get to share it with someone? I have B. to share it with and I'm very thankful for this. We have our reservations made and our evening planned.

3. How come we only have one day a year to celebrate our love for someone? Do you think that's fair? Why/Why not? See question one. I must say that we we're very respectful of each other and don't go to bed angry or take each other for granted. We start each day with an "I love you" and end each day the same. It's worked for our 24 plus years.

Bonus Question for Comments: If you had to recieve a gift for V-Day, which would it be: A dozen roses and a diamond ring, or a brand new puter? Why/Why not? Oooooh, this is a loaded question....a new notebook with an iPod. Yea, I got greedy....the geek in me went into overload! LOL I'll get more use and enjoyment out of a computer and MP3 player then I would diamonds or roses. An iPod's got bling anyway!

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