Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ten on Tuesday
Ten News Stories/Celebrities that You're Tired Of

- Michael Jackson's assertion that he's innocent in the child molestation case. This is the same person that denies having extensive plastic surgery. Obvioulsy, he thinks himself above the rest of us and believes we're total morons. Why else would he think his lies would stand for truth?

- Brad and Jen break up. They're people just like anyone else.

- Prince Harry Nazi foul up. Yea, he's had the best education class and money can afford. This doesn't guarantee he had a brain or awareness to begin with.

- All the hoopla surrounding illegal music downloads is old and not really changing things. The RIAA needs to abandon the pricing structure they've depended on and get with the times. The days of gorging music fans are long gone. We're a lot wiser now and we're not paying $15 bucks for 30 minutes of music!

- The Net is not inherently a bad place. Like anywhere or anything else, it requires the use of common sense and knowledge. If you don't have it, learn! Never - ever - give information (i.e. real name, postal address, social security number, etc.) via email or by clicking on link.

- Anna Nicole Smith's loss of seventy plus million dollars from her late husbands estate.

- J.Lo I don't want to read about, see her in a movie or hear her music for a long while. She's overexposed!

- The Verichip its assorted positive uses. I don't want to be 'chipped' - medical history be damned!

- iPod bashing. Ro, Creative, etc. - deal. Apple came out with a superior product and flawless design. You're beginning to sound like the bitter RIAA. Build a better product already.

- WMD and the inauguration.

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