Friday, January 14, 2005

Radio Reception

I can't get radio reception in my cubicle because of the reinforced walls and electrical equipment. We can't surf Internet radio because of the company firewall. It's banned. So Boop and I are left listening to our limited collection of CDs and that gets tiring real quick. Especially since a lot of her music's in Spanish. I can go that route for only so long! LOL

I've tried listening to music on my headphones, but then Boop starts yammering and gets upset when she's left talking to herself. So I got to thinking...what if I bought a hard drive MP3 Player that allowed external speakers to be attached? Then I could have an unlimited playlist and we'd never hear the same song twice within a year's time. It would also be enough capacity to rotate several genres. Has anyone tried this solution and, if so, any advice?

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