Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Day at the Beach

This afternoon we went to have "tea" at the The Tudor House in Santa Monica. I was so happy to arrive and see the sign regarding cell phone use. One too many times we've dined here, only to have our brunch/dinner interrupted by a diner talking loudly on their cell phone. We didn't want our champagne brunch ruined.

One time, other diners asked a woman to leave the room because she was talking so loud. Of course, she refused and proceeded to speak for ten minutes, disrupting everyone else. I always turn off my phone (on the rare occasion that it's on) and if it should ring, I promptly press the answer and continue exiting the room before speaking.

We had a great day at the beach and it was wonderful to see so many people out and about. After having 15 days of rain, it looked like everyone had cabin fever and couldn't wait to get out! LOL People were strolling, dining in the patio seating of various restaurants, sipping cold coffee drinks, basking in the sun and cycling. We sat for 45 minutes in the sun and just talked. I feel rejuvenated, of course, it could have to do with buying Joni Mitchell's Dreamland and Jill Scott's Beautifully Human CDs.

Joni Mitchell's 2000 remake of Both Sides is so hauntingly beautiful, especially with Mitchell's deep, sultry voice, this alone made it worth buying the whole CD. I listen to her lyrics and sometimes feel sad, other times ambivalent, and sometimes I'm simply lost. Music is timeless indeed!

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