Saturday, December 04, 2004

Weekday Capsule

- Still no sign of Chit Chat. I keep hoping he'll escape from whomever took him and come home. I keep praying for his safe return.

- Uh oh, the house is old and electrical outlets sparse; between the outside lights, inflatable Tigger, the TV, microwave and indoor lights - we've blown the fuse twice in one night! I think we're gonna have to remove Tigger from the mix, he's sucking up too much energy. LOL

- The bicycle is still tethered at the corner, untouched and intact. I think we've entered week four and still wondering what became of its owner. The grass grows ever longer around the tires.

- Anyone ever heard of a card game named Bid Wist (Whist)? My co-worker Trencitas was telling me about it and it sounds like lots of fun. She hasn't been playing long enough to tell me the nitty gritty rules, though. Searching the net didn't yield helpful results, either.

- Shazam! Homemade pizza on a weeknight and everythang's alright. Happy Hump Day!! I'm stuffed like a little piggy and hap, happ, happy.

- Enjoying Andre Bocelli's new self titled CD while at work. His voice is so beautiful and the music just grips my heart and soul.

- Having a wonderful lunch with B., Squirrel, El Grito, and J.T. (who's still on medical leave for breast cancer), but who's spirit is so strong and positive it's inspiring. We're so silly, we laughed and laughed about films like White Chicks, Shrek 2 and Shanghai Nights.

- Problems with Blogger not allowing me to post. Should I stay or should I go? If I go, how do I export this blog elsewhere? Or, is dead and stuck here???

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