Thursday, December 23, 2004

Weekday Capsule

- Our Twelve Days of Christmas was off with a bang this morning. We had Jimmy Dean sausages, hot dogs for lunch, hot chocolate, pan dulce and a delicious bundt cake. The gut's busting! LOL Honestly, I had only a slice of cake.

- Day two and we're going strong: we had enchilladas, rice and OJ.

- Traffic's light...guess the kids must be outta school and their peeps on vacation!

- Baking cookies and feeling like Betty Crocker, quickly wrapping gifts for co-worker's, burning Christmas CDs and listening to good Christmas music, that spouse barely tolerates. Christmas music is something I like and I'm pretty much alone.

- Our department luncheon was deeee-licious and the white elephant gift exchange - where any gift can be stolen from a person up to three times - was a loud, rambunctious success! LOL

- The more participants, the merrier, and it seems folks finally got in the spirit. It's the act of having fun, being together and enjoying ourselves.

- Our company breakfast was a hit! Lots and lots of folks participated with appearances by children performing piano recitals, poetry readings and singing. A visit from Santa attracted the big kids, while the true children were enthralled by other little people!

- Woo - hoo, leaving work early and loving it. The freeways were snarled and I don't even want to imagine what the malls look like now. LOL

- If you're doing last minute shopping, chin up, remember to drink lots of water, have some protein, wear comfortable shoes, have more than one form of payment (seriously, you never know when there's a problem), and pray!

- Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. For those celebrating the Eve, have a wonderful celebration and God bless!

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