Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ten on Tuesday
Ten New Year's Resolutions

- Lose weight (no surprise there, right?) LOL

- Read two books (hey, it had been years since I'd read a book. I managed to read two this year, which is an accomplishment I'm very proud of. Since I don't foresee next year being less stressful, I'd better stick to a realistic goal.

- Read the Bible in its entirety again, while learning and achieving better understanding. I will finish it this year in tandem with the calendar I have, but I must confess that the first read through, leaves me with many questions and some confusion. A second read will hopefully clarify things.

- Exercise. Not necessarily for weight loss or maintenance, but because it is the road to healthiness.

- Export blog to my own domain. I can't take the ups/downs and unexpected outages. I need reliability.

- Spend a week in Vegas and just have a joyful, relaxing time. I need to get away - physically away. Since we no longer go camping and I don't commune in nature, I need another outlet.

- Clean out the garage. (Hey, this task has been on the To Do List forever).

- Buy a new car. The newest one has a lot

- Meditate at least three times weekly for twenty minutes. I do so daily but in short sittings. I'd like more structured sittings.

- Complete photo Christmas cards for 2005. Hey, it didn't get done again this year, so I have to plan early for next! LOL

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