Sunday, December 19, 2004

Outta Control Christmas

Just finished watching Outta Control Christmas on HGTV and I am wowed and impressed by the out of this world decorations, lighting and displays folks have. I thought we had a Griswold Christmas and, I guess, we do for our neighborhood. But after tonight, I can see where there's lots of room for improvement and improvisation. LOL

First challenge, upgrading the electricals. If our little inflatable Tigger blew the fuse, we need serious upgrades before anything more can be attempted. As we watched, spouse muttered, "we would be on this show if our electrical situation wasn't such a problem." Did I cringe upon hearing this? No. I'm up for the challenge. "Alhambra, brace yourself!" LOL

I was shocked that spouse agreed to give up watching The Wire to see this special. The Wire is the one show we view in real time and since tonight is the finale, it's shocking that we're willing to chance catching a repeat. I'm time shifting Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal, so The Wire had to be sacraficed.

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